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freydรญs moon


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Freydรญs is a biracial diviner and creator with an affinity for quirky, speculative storytelling. A lover of culture, mysticism, history, and language, they constantly find themself lost in a book, trying their hand at a new recipe, or planning a trip to a faraway place.

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Freydรญs is currently open to blurb requests for short story collections, novellas, novelettes, and novels. Please query through email or Twitter DM. They read Gothic, Romance, Erotica, and Horror.

Novelette / Novella

  • Exodus 20:3โ€”NineStar Press (novelette 18.7k: explicit sexual content, off-page transphobia, mention of dug use, off-page police brutality)

  • Three Kingsโ€”NineStar Press (novelette 40k: explicit sexual content, off-page transphobia, sex pollen, themes surrounding infertility)

Short Fiction